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About Yannick Delaviere

Hey there! My name is Yannick Delavière and I live in France.

I've been a consultant in digital transformation for nearly 15 years, for some well known consulting companies (Accenture, Cognizant, Capgemini consulting, Sopra Steria consulting). I had the opportunity to lead challenging projects like putting in place brand new "as a service" businesses, design and deliver industry platforms, designing third party payment for a whole country or helping insurance companies define their connected health strategy.

After graduating from INSA Lyon, I started my career as a technical IT engineer and with time extended scope to business and organization transformation. I still enjoy of course all the nerdy bits about prototyping, techno reviews and so on... It is quite interesting to see that technology has switched from being perceived just as a cost to a being a real driver of business and society transformation. 

Most of my missions are to help my clients make "real" transformations after having launched a lot of strategic plans or Proof of Concepts without the expected results. Unfortunately, if any junior business school guy is able to make nice slides containing all the mandatory buzzwords, it is quite different from being able to commit on a result.

I put in this site all my feedback from these projects, some being successes, some others major failures. Why? Because there are today real opportunities to transform businesses and the way we run them... as long as we work on the good questions... It is quite a selfish approach, but I really prefer to work on questions like "how do we create money while improving our customer life?" than "is it possible to put in place the simplest as possible chatbot within 3 weeks because my management asks for it?". So the more people "trained" on digital topics, the better for everybody...

We owe
almost all our knowledge
not to those who have agreed,
but to those who have differed.

Charles Caleb Colton

Feel free to challenge and complete with your own experiences...