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About Yannick Delaviere

Hey there! My name is Yannick Delavière and I live in France.

I've been a consultant in IT for quite some renowned employers now and worked in industry, public transportation, insurance and banking. After graduating from INSA Lyon, I started my career as a technical IT engineer. And I still enjoy of course all the nerdy bits about prototyping, techno reviews and so on...

I faced quite early major challenges around what is know called "digital transformation". It is not anymore a matter of technology though. Driving "digital offerings" for several years now,  what is sure is that there is no such thing as a shared definition of what digital is (and of course neither of digital transformation). There is one underlying trend though : convergence of technology, client expectations and employees delivering the services. Any single project launched without all these dimensions in mind can be expected to be a failure.

I'm creating this site to share experience on all these fuzzy concepts that make consulting companies happy...

We owe
almost all our knowledge
not to those who have agreed,
but to those who have differed.

Charles Caleb Colton

Feel free to challenge and complete with your own experiences...

Yannick Delaviere
Yannick Delaviere : Digital transformation pragmatism and open source consulting
Yannick Delaviere is experienced in consulting with a demonstrated track record of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in CxO advisory, Digital Strategy, Business Process Design, IT Strategy, overall Enterprise IS architecture and Management. He is a professional with a Engineer's degree focused in Computer science from Institut national des Sciences appliquées de Lyon.